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In Salt Lake City, Motley Wandering Minstrels’ Copenhagen Creates an Explosive Discussion About the Atomic Bomb

By Jason Hagey and Alisha Hagey Copenhagen, presented by Motley Wandering Minstrels in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a combination of historical fiction, psychological thriller, and a moral analysis. Michael Frayn’s Tony award-winning play probes the philosophical and ethical nature of studying atomic energy. Copenhagen was first opened at the […]

The U of U brings Olivier Award-winningOur Country’s Good to Salt Lake City

By Merijo Guercio Our Country’s Good, currently playing at the University of Utah, is based on the real historical facts about the First Fleet’s transportation of criminals from England to Australia to establish an English Colony in 1787. The prisoners were subject to the worst of humanity for months on […]

The U’s The Beautiful Game Holds a Beautiful Message

By Amanda Berg Whittle The Beautiful Game at the University of Utah’s Babcock Theater is an award-winning musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton, which features the stories of members of a star Catholic soccer team and their friends during the 1960s in Northern Ireland. This was a time […]