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Zion Theater Company’s Evening Eucalyptus is an Australian Holiday

By Kristin Perkins The set is the first thing you see entering the beautiful historic building that houses the Echo Theatre to see Evening Eucalyptus, Mahonri Stewart’s newest play, set in Australia. The stage design (Jason Sullivan) is intriguing, evocative and hints at the journey that is to come. It […]

“Echo Theatre’s Pygmalion is a Fair Lady of a Show”

A Utah Theater Review by Ben Christensen My post-college reintroduction to theater came via a role in a 2012 production of My Fair Lady, so I was excited to see another interpretation of the familiar story in Echo Theatre’s production of Pygmalion. In case you aren’t familiar with Pygmalion, it […]

The Covey’s “An Unexpected Guest” is an Expected Pleasure

A Utah Theater Review By Jennifer Mustoe and Corena Gunyan My teenage companion Corena and I had the pleasure of going to see An Unexpected Guest, a delightful Agatha Christie mystery, at the Covey Center for the Arts in Provo. I will say, it was a little disconcerting at first […]

Ancient Greek + Christian + Mormon = Zion Theatre Company’s Prometheus Unbound

A Utah theater review by Ben Christensen What do you get when you take ancient Greek mythology and retell it with Christian themes filtered through the lens of twenty-first century Mormonism? You get the Zion Theatre Company’s production of Mahonri Stewart’s Prometheus Unbound. Using the story of Prometheus as a […]

The Importance of Being Earnest: A Delightful Bunbury-ing in the Orem Public Library

A Utah Theater Review By Jarom Loch Quaint piano music, English accents, pretty women, and a top hat or two– all of my favorite things, and all in one play!  If I were a hedonistic female, Oscar Wilde would be my soulmate. Seriously. The Importance of Being Earnest, put on […]

Martyrs’ Crossing A Story of Joan of Arc Inspires

A Utah Theater Review by Joel Applegate For serious theater buffs who bemoan the pastiches of Holiday Reviews (holy and secular), as well as yet another iteration of “A Christmas Carol”, the Echo Theatre offers a sacred story for thinkers among you. This is not about the birth of a […]