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Sting & Honey’s This Bird of Dawning at  the Eccles in Salt Lake Should Become Your Christmas Tradition

By Brian Thomas Around the holidays, everyone has their unique Christmas or holiday tradition. Whether it’s strolling through Temple Square to look at the lights, putting up an advent calendar, ice skating in Gallivan Plaza, attending a Messiah Sing-In, and so forth, these activities put people in the spirit of […]

PYGmalion’s Weyward Sisters in Salt Lake City is Bewitching

By Brian Thomas When I approached PYGmalion’s Weyward Sisters at Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts, I was admittedly a little intimidated. Based off of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, I wasn’t sure I was prepared. While I have a degree in English, I managed to do so while avoiding Shakespeare at […]

GSC’S Coriolanus Shows that “It (can) be Virtuous to be Obstinate”

By Jennifer Mustoe I make it a habit to see Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Halloween show at Provo’s Castle Amphitheater, so looked forward to see this year’s offering, Coriolanus. Telling you now, even though I have a degree in Humanities, English emphasis, I don’t always know what’s going on with Shakespeare. […]

Get Lost in the Magic of Perdida at The Grand Theatre in Salt Lake City

By Andrea Johnson Bringing new and exciting theater to Salt Lake City, The Grand Theatre’s Perdida is a classic story with a new twist: Mesoamerican Magical Realism. Local author, Kathleen Cahill, has joined talents with colleague, composer Deborah Wick La Puma to create a beautiful retelling of Shakespeare’s The Winter’s […]

Utah-Made Romeo and Juliet Film Exceeds Expectations

by Blake Casselman Of all Shakespeare’s plays, Romeo and Juliet has seen the most film adaptations over the years, with more than 100 productions created for theatrical, home video, and television release to date, with another half-dozen currently in the planning or filming stage. The first filmed production of Romeo […]

The Echo’s Twelfth Night is One Good Long Laugh

By Jennifer Mustoe The Echo has given us several excellent Shakespeare offerings and its current offering, Twelfth Night, has much to recommend it. Directed by Eve Speer, the show has many laughs and my companions and I had a good time watching the frivolity onstage. As you walk into the […]

Covey’s Much Ado About Zombies is Steampunk, Spooky Shakespeare!

By Chance Young As my friend Shelby and I pulled into the parking lot of the Covey Center for the Arts to attend Much Ado About Zombies, an adapted version of Shakespeare’s classic Much Ado About Nothing directed by Eric Samuelsen, I was unsure of what to expect. Being unfamiliar […]

Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Titus Andronicus is a Bloody Good Time

By Larisa Hicken If you’re looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit, there’s no better way than attending Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s presentation of Titus Andronicus at the Castle Ampitheater in Provo.  Just follow the dark winding path up behind the State Mental Hospital. Titus Andronicus is certainly […]