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GSC’s “Winter’s Tale” Will Warm You Right Up!

By Joel Applegate Grassroots Shakespeare Company cannot fail to inform, delight or otherwise energize anyone lucky enough to be in its audience. GSC is once again housed in the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake for the holidays. This venue is a treat to visit, and provides great viewing on comfortable […]

Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s The Tempest is a Storm of Fun

By Joel Applegate I have been wanting to write about this theatre company for some time now. With their production of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the Grassroots Shakespeare Company has given me that chance. They are the Utah branch of a sister company in England. Grassroots Shakespeare was co-founded by […]

Warboy Theater Project’s Tell-Tale Heart is Intensely, Chillingly Great

A Utah Theater Review by Jennifer Mustoe October is the month for chilling shows – not just because it’s Halloween time, but because in Utah, once the sun goes down, it’s cold. So when I decided to see Warboy Theater Project‘s Tell-Tale Heart, playing at the (outdoor) Castle Amphitheater in […]