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PYGmalion’s Weyward Sisters in Salt Lake City is Bewitching

By Brian Thomas When I approached PYGmalion’s Weyward Sisters at Rose Wagner Center for the Performing Arts, I was admittedly a little intimidated. Based off of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, I wasn’t sure I was prepared. While I have a degree in English, I managed to do so while avoiding Shakespeare at […]

Buried Child Should Be Unearthed

By Joel Applegate Buried Child is a production that will be talked about and remembered by theatre folk. Hilarious and dark, it features a cast in sync with each other and the material. It was a great night to be a playgoer. Earth is a metaphor and a scent. The […]

The last days of JUDAS ISCARIOT— Bravo!

Reviewed by Michael Nielsen Full disclosure …I was asked to jump in as Costume Designer for this show when they lost their original designer, so while I am quite proud of the costumes and feel they added to the characterizations, I will not be giving them any more time in […]