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Take a Bite out of Desert Star’s Dracula

By Erin Orr The Desert Star’s Dracula – He’s So Vain, written by Peter Van Slyke, tells the story of Count Dracula (Matt Kohler) and his looney victim/sidekick Renfield (J. Tyrus Williams) on a voyage to search for that which sustains life. Hilarity ensues as our red-blooded hero, Dr. Jonathan […]

The Hungry Games Leaves You “Full” of Laughter!

By Erin Orr The Desert Star’s newest play, The Hungry Games, written by Bryan Dayley tells the story of our future after a worldwide famine, a world run by greedy fast food corporations.  Katnip Neverclean (Alexis Owen), her gothic little sister Grimrose Neverclean (Kaitlin Williams) and their “barely there” friend […]