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The Covey’s Joyful Noise is Pure Joy

By Jennifer Mustoe There are two seasons when Utah truly ramps up its theater productions: summertime and Christmastime. It is fun to see what is produced every year, and I’m always happy to see that there are some shows that are produced year after year. And by far, my favorite […]

Go Into the Echo to See Into the Woods!

By Jennifer Mustoe I have seen Into the Woods, Steven Sondheim’s sometimes fun, often dark take on familiar fairytales, several times. The Echo’s latest offering of Into the Woods, directed magnificently by Melissa Leilani Larson, is worth seeing, if you have seen this show before, or if you haven’t. If […]

The Echo Theatre’s New Take on A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Utah Theater Review by B.J. Wright                 I have seen Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream many times.  Echo Theatre’s version of the play is not your typical run-of-the mill production. In her director notes, Hailey Nebeker notes that she wasn’t exactly excited […]

The Echo’s Cinematics is Lights! Camera! Action-a-licious!

By Daniel Brassard             This troupe of Improv actors go by the name of The Cinematics, with the hook that the audience will get the excitement of Improv with the magic of Hollywood. I went to their Saturday April 13th 8 PM show at The Echo Theatre in Provo Utah, […]

In Echo Theatre’s “Little Happy Secrets,” Big Things Come In Small Packages

A Utah Theater Review by Ben Christensen Sometimes big things really do come in small packages. The Echo Theatre’s Little Happy Secrets is a small production. It’s an eighty-minute play featuring only four actors, produced on Echo’s small stage, barely large enough to contain the couch and dining room table […]

Martyrs’ Crossing A Story of Joan of Arc Inspires

A Utah Theater Review by Joel Applegate For serious theater buffs who bemoan the pastiches of Holiday Reviews (holy and secular), as well as yet another iteration of “A Christmas Carol”, the Echo Theatre offers a sacred story for thinkers among you. This is not about the birth of a […]