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The Unsinkable Molly Brown Sets You Afloat With Delight

By Jennifer Mustoe and Craig Mustoe The Unsinkable Molly Brown, produced by Acting Up, the SCERA‘s teenage (10-12 graders) acting troupe brings great talent and a charming story to the stage. Directed by Kathryn Laycock Little, this group of teens do a helluva great job. Wait! Did I just say […]

Utah Metropolitan Ballet’s Peter Pan is Something to Crow About!

By Jennifer Mustoe Last December, I went to Utah Metropolitan Ballet‘s excellent The Nutcracker, and I was hooked–so when Peter Pan came up on the calendar, I gave the reviewing gig to myself. I hadn’t had enough ballet in December, and now, after the fantastic Peter Pan, I’m even more […]

Utah Opera’s Upcoming Pagliacci/Gianni Schicchi Will Make You Laugh and Cry and Love Opera

By Jennifer Mustoe For years, I’ve been reviewing theater and thought that was that. Some time ago, it occurred to me that maybe production companies that have other forms of performance arts may also want to part of the Front Row Reviewers Utah family and participate in our Celebrating the […]

Salty Dinner Theater’s Beauty and the Beast Brings Laughs and Love to Provo’s Joe Vera’s

By Jennifer Mustoe and Craig Mustoe Though I’m a little on overload with Beauty and the Beast, I know Salty Dinner Theater always has a fresh and funny take on a familiar show, and this Valentine season’s offering is no exception. Slight Spoiler Alert: playwright Beth Bruner sticks to the […]

I Will Always Love The Bodyguard at the Eccles in Salt Lake

By Jennifer Mustoe and Larisa Hicken I remember the 1992 movie The Bodyguard, starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner, only vaguely and it was played in a second-rate theater, so the sound was kinda bad. The sound not being good is key to why I didn’t enjoy it much.  Seeing […]

Pioneer’s Newsies in Salt Lake City is Overwhelmingly Amazing

By Jennifer Mustoe I’m sitting here at my computer, pondering how to write my review of Pioneer Theatre Company’s glistening production of Disney’s Newsies. With almost every production I see, I think, wow, I hope my readers go see this show. At times I have even insisted they come. With […]

Elf the Musical at the Eccles in Salt Lake is All That Christmas Should Be–Marvelous!

By Jennifer Mustoe and Hannah Seigfried All Thanksgiving, I kept saying to Hannah, “I can’t wait until we get to go see Elf at the Eccles! You won’t believe how great it’s going to be.” Well, this statement was oh so true, because neither one of us was ready to be […]

Lehi’s Clue–The Musical–Are You Game to See It?

By Jennifer Mustoe and Craig Mustoe Lehi Arts Council is offering Clue–The Musical for Halloween this year, and this show is filled with a lot of laughs. If you like the game of “Clue”, you will especially like this production. Even if you don’t like the game, that’s okay–there’s plenty going on. […]