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In HopeBox’s Crazy for You a Talented Cast of Cowpokes Nails Gershwin

By Kevin Albrechtsen and Yvette Albrechtsen I love Westerns – Gritty cowboys, saloon brawls, gunfights, and the women that hold them together.  But add singing and dancing, and what do you get?  In this case, by adding a large dose of brothers George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin and some pretty comical dialogue, […]

Titus’ Christmas Carol is a Holiday Treat

By Rebecca Walk A Christmas Carol is a holiday classic that has been performed many times over the years, has had many different versions written, and many movies made from this text, all based on the novel by Charles Dickens. I had the opportunity to attend the Titus Productions Theatre […]

Shrek Entertains Kids of All Ages at the Empress

By Larissa Villers Ferre Have you ever wished that someone would get to know you before judging you? Have you ever wished you had a chance to show someone who you are inside?  Shrek the Musical at The Empress Theatre in Magna is one of those stories that everyone can […]

Whatever You Do–Go to Anything Goes!

By George Loch My wife and I had the opportunity to attend the Empress Theater’s performance of Anything Goes, which just opened this week. It was our first time at the Empress Theater and we were impressed indeed. As you walk into the downtown Magna facility, you are immediately transported […]

Empress Theater’s Hello Dolly is a Darling of a Show

A Utah Theater Review by Joel Applegate There’s a couple of venerable old ladies I’d like you to meet. The Empress Theatre in Magna, Utah has seen many lives. And now with Hello, Dolly!, Jerry Herman’s Broadway classic, the Empress is enlivening many more with this inspired pairing. The Empress […]