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Desert Star Playhouse’s “Wicked-er” in Murray is Wickedly Funny

By Marci Sayers If you have never taken the time to see a show at Desert Star Playhouse, it’s time to repent of your WICKED-er ways. Located in Murray, the average person driving past the venue might never know what they’re missing inside. Once you walk in the door, though […]

Take a Bite out of Desert Star’s Dracula

By Erin Orr The Desert Star’s Dracula – He’s So Vain, written by Peter Van Slyke, tells the story of Count Dracula (Matt Kohler) and his looney victim/sidekick Renfield (J. Tyrus Williams) on a voyage to search for that which sustains life. Hilarity ensues as our red-blooded hero, Dr. Jonathan […]

Centerpoint’s Odd Couple Is Even a Must See!

By Cindy Whitehair and Perry Whitehair There are some names in theater that define their genre – for dance, it’s Bob Fosse. For musical theater, it’s Andrew Lloyd Weber. For comedies, it’s Neil Simon and the Simon play that everyone knows best is The Odd Couple.  The Odd Couple is […]

The Desert Star Has a Phunny Phantom

By Erin Orr The Desert Star Playhouse’s The Phantom of the Opera is a story about a mysterious masked apparition, The Phantom (Trenton Krumenbacher), who haunts the Paris Opera House. He makes the opera’s egotistical diva, Madame Carlotta (Laurel Warr) lose her voice so that his protégé, the beautiful Christine […]

“It’s a Wondrous Life” Starts Off With a Laugh!

By Erin Orr            It’s a Wondrous Life is the story about George Bailey’s (Clarence Strohn) life: how he grew up, how he met the love of his life, Mary (Erin Saunders). Til the day that his business rival, Mr. Henry Potter (Chase Dickerson) offers him a job, George starts […]

Off Broadway Theater’s Lone Texas Walker Ranger is Rip Roarin’ Fun

By Mary Brassard The Off Broadway Theater’s production of The Lone Texas Walker Ranger is scheduled to run through July 13th.  This particular show is a marriage of many things. The “something old” being a reverence to the Walker Texas Ranger played famously by Chuck Norris, the “something borrowed” is […]

The OBT’s Peter Pun is Jolly Good Fun! Argh!

By Rachel Summerhalder I have a confession to make. I’ve never been one of those girls that enjoys comedy when it comes to my theater viewing pleasure. I love musicals, and Jane Austen, and shows that make you think about life and possibly shed some tears throughout the journey. I […]

You Must Go See the OBT’s Dr. U!

By Rachel Summerhalder As I sit down to write a review of Dr. U, at the Off Broadway Theater in Salt Lake, I find my mind having a difficult time putting my thoughts into coherent sentences. My fingers want to type out all of the hysterical moments of this show, […]