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Do You Want to See Me Naked? At Another Theater in Provo Ends the Year Profoundly  

By Joel Applegate                             An Other Theater Company has brought a special performance from this year’s Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, Do You Want to See Me Naked?, produced by Salt Lake’s Sackerson Theater. It’s brave, vulnerable, startling, wounded, and ultimately, free of shame. I can’t write about this show without […]

GSC’S Coriolanus Shows that “It (can) be Virtuous to be Obstinate”

By Jennifer Mustoe I make it a habit to see Grassroots Shakespeare Company’s Halloween show at Provo’s Castle Amphitheater, so looked forward to see this year’s offering, Coriolanus. Telling you now, even though I have a degree in Humanities, English emphasis, I don’t always know what’s going on with Shakespeare. […]

Utah Valley University’s Jumpers brings Thoughtful Dialogue to the Noorda Theater in Orem

Jumpers at UVU

By Sarah Re Raw, captivating, provocative. Jumpers fearlessly faces the taboo subject with unapologetic honesty, presenting true stories and stark facts. Director, Dr. Chris Clark, aptly calls it a “visual podcast” where the haunting storytelling is presented by a mix of narrations, live music, and stunning physical theater and dance […]

Sackerson’s Do You Want to See Me Naked? is a Unique, Poignant, Beautiful Experience at the Great Salt Lake Fringe

By Ashley Ramsey Do You Want to See me Naked is a one-woman show premiering at the Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival and is the collaboration of actor Golden and writer/director, Morag Shepherd. It begins with: “I am a fat Woman,” proclaims Elizabeth Golden (Self) as she stands amid a half circle […]

The Grand’s Death of a Salesman is Alive with Beauty and Tragedy

A Utah Theater Review by Jennifer Mustoe I have given myself some time to mull over last night’s performance of Death of a Salesman at The Grand Theater in Salt Lake City, and I’m finding myself just as challenged in putting my thoughts and feelings into words. You see, I’m […]

Vincent at Brixton Shines at UVU

A Utah Theater Review by Michelle Cope As I sat watching Vincent at Brixton at UVU, I was amazed at what was taking place. One moment, you are laughing in utter hilarity, the next you could not feel more awkward for having laughed a moment ago…. Vincent in Brixton (running […]