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UVU’s R&J Project brings the Tragic Love Story Alive and Current

By MH Thomas Everyone has heard of Romeo and Juliet—William Shakespeare’s most well-known tragedy. You think you know Romeo and Juliet? As you enter Utah Valley University’s Noorda Theatre, the set is the first clue that you are in for a different Shakespearean experience. There is a grittiness to the […]

HCTO’S “Big River” Flows with Beautiful Music and Fantastic Acting

By Ashley Ramsey  As a child, my father read us bedtimes stories. Never simple little tales, but chapters from the classics. Treasure Island, The Wind in the Willows, and of course my favorite, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. In a time where classic characters of literature are lost to contemporary […]

Spend an Evening In The Heights at Hale Center Theater Orem

A Utah theater review by Ben Christensen From the very first verse rapped by Usnavi de la Vega (Ben Wille), Hale Center Theater Orem’s production of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In The Heights pulses with energy. Set in New York City’s Washington Heights neighborhood, In The Heights is the story of a […]

Vincent at Brixton Shines at UVU

A Utah Theater Review by Michelle Cope As I sat watching Vincent at Brixton at UVU, I was amazed at what was taking place. One moment, you are laughing in utter hilarity, the next you could not feel more awkward for having laughed a moment ago…. Vincent in Brixton (running […]