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Footloose at the Zig Brings a Whole Lotta Dancing to Ogden

By Steven Williams The Ziegfeld Theater presents Footloose in Ogden at their fun, hometown theater. So it seems appropriate they would have a show about a small town, reacting to a tragic car accident, outlaws dancing in an effort to protect itself from the slippery slope of youthful exuberance. A […]

Ogden’s Ziegfeld Theater’s A Fairly Potter Christmas Carol is Magically Festive

By Shantelle L. Argyle The Ziegfeld Theater’s third annual holiday musical A Fairly Potter Christmas Carol is not your typical parody (of the internationally beloved Harry Potter series, if that isn’t obvious). Yes, it has silly jokes only true “Potterheads” will get. Yes, it has some campy original songs and […]