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In Salt Lake City, Motley Wandering Minstrels’ Copenhagen Creates an Explosive Discussion About the Atomic Bomb

By Jason Hagey and Alisha Hagey Copenhagen, presented by Motley Wandering Minstrels in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a combination of historical fiction, psychological thriller, and a moral analysis. Michael Frayn’s Tony award-winning play probes the philosophical and ethical nature of studying atomic energy. Copenhagen was first opened at the […]

Salty Dinner Theater’s Beauty and the Beast Brings Laughs and Love to Provo’s Joe Vera’s

By Jennifer Mustoe and Craig Mustoe Though I’m a little on overload with Beauty and the Beast, I know Salty Dinner Theater always has a fresh and funny take on a familiar show, and this Valentine season’s offering is no exception. Slight Spoiler Alert: playwright Beth Bruner sticks to the […]

Motley Wandering Minstrels’ The Grand Duke is Wanderful Good Fun

By Cindy Whitehair Motley Wandering Minstrels’ The Grand Duke at the Sorensen Unity Center Black Box Theater in Salt Lake City is one of those hidden gems that once you see it you wonder why you didn’t know about it before. This is the first time I have attended one […]

Salty Dinner Theater’s “Emperor’s New Clothes” Shines with Great Performers

By Jennifer Mustoe I asked my niece Kerisa to come see Salty Dinner Theater’s latest production, The Emperor’s New Clothes, which was at the University Mall’s The Old Spaghetti Factory. SDT always promises a fun time, and as Kerisa is one of my zaniest friends, I knew she’d enjoy herself. […]

Salty Dinner Theater’s Sherlock Holmes is Fun for Mystery Lovers

By Kendra Hill I have now been to a couple of Salty Dinner Theater’s shows and have really enjoyed those I attended. It is a unique experience to have the actors on the same level as you and interacting with you during the show (at the beginning of this show […]