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Hairspray “Prudy Pingleton” with son Caden

Jennifer Mustoe has been in theater since she was a baby. How, you may ask. By being the daughter of Bozo the Clown. Yes, it is true. She comes by wanting to ham it up onstage honestly. And genetically. Since May 2011, she has been in 10 plays and counting. She has been blessed to be everything from ensemble to lead, drama and comedy. From time to time, her wonderful husband, Craig, and remarkably talented son, Caden are in the same plays she is, and that makes for an interesting experience. When not rehearsing for, performing in, reviewing about plays, she loves to exercise with her four Huskies, ride one of her five horses, or go see movies.

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  1. I would love to leave a message for Joel Applegate with my sincere thanks for his thoughtful and incisive review of my play RINGS at the Grand Theatre. Since I’m not on Facebook and couldn’t tweet if my life depended on it, how can I contact Mr. Applegate?

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