About FRRU

Front Row Reviewers Utah was created by a bunch of theater geeks, oh, we mean folks, who like to be in plays and watch plays and talk about plays and write about plays.

We have a few rules we are adhering to. Please feel free to comment on these.

1. We always look for the positive. We are reviewers who support theater in Utah, and we are not interested in tearing a production down, sounding pretentious or in any way being mean. We do want to encourage productions to do their best and may highlight a production’s weak spots that could be improved. But we will do it in a kind way.

2. Because we’re actors ourselves, we know what it takes to go to countless rehearsals, learn lines, miss your family, wear uncomfortable costumes, and sometimes work with people that are hard to be around. We have EMPATHY for those involved in productions and commit to showing that empathy in our reviews.

3. We will do everything we can to get our reviews up within 48 hours after we see the show. Sooner if we can.

4. We appreciate the theaters, the actors and production crews, and all who are supporting Front Row Reviewers Utah by giving us live theater productions to review. Please feel free to comment on our site, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest. We love you!

9 Replies to “About FRRU”

  1. Interested in having a reviewer at our next show, “Anni of Aquamarine Gables,” opening June 13, 2014. Please contact me. Thanks!

    1. If you want to give me the information, I’ll do what I can. We cover as many shows as we can, but many of our reviewers are in shows and it’s hard to always get reviewers. Send your info to frontrowreviewersutah@gmail.com
      Thanks for thinking of Front Row Reviewers Utah!

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