Utah Symphony’s Scheherazade Enchants in Salt Lake City

By Eldon B. Randall

Many, many years ago, I was in the musical Scheherazade at Bountiful High School. My sister was in the show as a senior and I just happened to be one of the children. Ah, the memories. Because of that experience, I was excited to see this production performed by the Utah Symphony and the Enchantment Theatre Company, based out of Philadelphia PA. Although it was not the same show that I was in, the stories told drew me in and transported me to a whole new world.

The premise of Scheherazade tells the story of a young maiden, Scheherazade, who was to be executed by the Sultan the next day. She asked to tell the Sultan a story. She couldn’t finish the story because it was the morning of the next day. The Sultan was so enchanted by her story, he decided to let her live to finish. She would begin a second story and again couldn’t finish because it was morning of the next day. The Sultan let her live for 1001 nights and 1000 days. By then, the Sultan had fallen in love with Scheherazade and made her his queen.

The Enchantment Theatre Company and the Utah Symphony combine their magnificent talents to carry us away through the world of Scheherazade and her tales of Aladdin, Sinbad, and the Kalandar Prince. The musical score by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov and directed by Conner Gray Covington, is masterfully played as it underscores the presentation. The music is absolutely beautiful.

The Enchantment Theatre Company consists of six performers: Madison Bree Auch, Arlen Shane Hancock, Jennifer Blatchley Smith, Landis Smith, Peter Smith, and Leah Rose Holleran. As the story unfolds, costumes and masks are changed to represent multiple characters,  each one unique in its representation. Not a word is spoken. Every detail, action, and emotion are portrayed physically with captivating success.– Director/Choreographer Leslie Reidel, Associate Director Bradley K. Wrenn,  Technical Director Andrew Cowles, and  Conductor Covington create an amazing display, appropriate for music lovers of all ages! I found myself and those around me, adult and children alike, completely drawn in. I wanted Scheherazade to tell me another story when the performance was done. As with the Sultan, I will have to wait until the next evening. If there were any negatives at all, they would be that Scheherazade was performed only once and more people, future directors, costumers, and designers, didn’t have the opportunity to see such a marvelous and inventive production.

The Utah Symphony and the Enchantment Theatre Company presents Scheherazade
Abravanel Hall, 123 West South Temple, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
April 14, 2018 7:30 PM
Contact: 385-468-1010
Utah Symphony Facebook Page
Scheherazade Facebook Event

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