Do You Want to See Me Naked? At Another Theater in Provo Ends the Year Profoundly  

By Joel Applegate                            

An Other Theater Company has brought a special performance from this year’s Great Salt Lake Fringe Festival, Do You Want to See Me Naked?, produced by Salt Lake’s Sackerson Theater. It’s brave, vulnerable, startling, wounded, and ultimately, free of shame.

I can’t write about this show without resorting to a stream of consciousness. Elizabeth Golden, star of the one-woman show, had us the moment she appeared; an electric combination of vulnerability and confidence, painful to watch – what have I intruded upon? It was a privilege to be invited in. Golden seems to embody a rare slice of what – after my five years of close observation – must be a renaissance, an enlightenment rumbling, finally, shaking the foundations of a patriarchy, of a culture bent more on molding persons – women in particular – than nurturing personhood. Golden is the woman who must break free of convention, expectation, MEN, pounding at a wall she must force down not just to find her personhood, but to actually save her life. She plays high stakes with Utah culture; she aches with hilarity. Golden – with sharp humor and jarring recognition – wrenches us through body shaming, painful longing, and other humiliations routinely visited upon all women by men. Playwright/Director Morag Shepherd works with Golden to bring this startling, shimmering, faultless look at something we all need to see. And no, no-one is naked in this show, except Golden’s vulnerability and raw honesty–except her soul.

For one night only, An Other Theater Company once again brought to Utah County the antidote to cloying family entertainment, following their delightful The SantaLand Diaries. Thank dog for that. This is a consciously theatrical event, with the actor addressing us directly, physically challenging herself, and punctuated beautifully by the phrases and riffs from a live violinist, Ysa Pitman. The theater, by the way, was full.

An Other Theater presents Sackerson’s Do You Want to See Me Naked? Written and directed by Morag Shepherd, Story by Elizabeth Golden
An Other Theater, Provo Towne Center Mall, 1200 Towne Centre Blvd, Provo, UT 84601 on the upper level near Dillard’s (the south end of the mall).
January 29, 2017 One night only
Tickets: $7.00
An Other Theater Company Facebook Page

The production is moving on to the Tucson Fringe Festival next month, with performances from January 12-14.  If you’re near there, make the commitment to see Do You Want to See Me Naked?.
Steinfeld Warehouse Community Arts Center, 101 W 6th St, Tucson, Arizona 85701
Tuscon Fringe Festival Facebook Event
Contact: (520) 261-4851 ~



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