Joshua Creek at the Covey Center in Provo is a Lovely Tribute to the Holiday

By Kendra Hill

The Covey Center for the Arts has brought quality Christmas entertainment to Utah County and  last night’s offering with the Joshua Creek Band is no exception. Joshua Creek, a band that is local to Utah, has many fans young and old. Though I have heard a couple of their songs on the radio, my husband and I weren’t sure what to expect when we attended the Joshua Creek concert at the Covey. What we received was a toe-tapping, inspiring, and holiday spirit filled experience.

The Covey Center for the Arts is on Provo’s Center Street and is a relatively large theater with a balcony. We spoke with an avid fan after the show, and she told us this was Joshua Creek’s first time performing in this particular space for their Christmas concert and it was usually in a much smaller concert hall. I could see no empty seats, so I think it was definitely time for them to upgrade to this great space.

Joshua Creek is made up of four band members: James Hollister (drums-cajon), Quint Randle (vocals-bass), Jeff Hinton (lead vocals-guitar), and Ron Saltmarsh (lead guitar-vocals). Many of their songs are written about their lives, experiences, and their faith in God. Some of the songs they performed last night even had some of their children’s names in the lyrics, which was sweet and endearing.

One of my personal favorite songs of the evening, “Promise You’ll Stay,” was written by drummer Hollister in honor of his daughter’s wedding. In the concert we attended, he  dedicated the song to his two daughters who were attending the concert that evening. It talks about how quickly children grow up, and how he felt like his daughter should still be a little girl but she’s now a bride. It was very sweet, and I could imagine holding my daughter’s little hand right now, and that this was a time that would soon end. I looked over at my husband and was surprised not to see tears in his eyes as I was sure holding some back.

Another very personal song was ”Love You, Son” which Randle had mentioned he wrote in a stairwell in Minnesota during a very hard time. This is also one of their songs that is currently on the radio and is well-known. It tells a number of touching stories where a child feels like he has failed his father and he will surely hate him, and instead, his father is understanding and lets his child know that he is loved.

Along with these personal and touching songs, they had a lot of upbeat and funny songs. “Santa Do List” (rather than Honey Do List), “Santa’s at the Mall,” were some fun songs that had the audience giggling. My personal favorite was “What Kinda Car?” which answered the pressing question: “If Jesus were on Earth now, what kind of car would he drive?” Answer: you will have to go listen to their song and find out.

I almost wished they were performing at a dance hall during “Run, Run, Rudolph” and a few others. If I’d had the room, I would have pulled my husband up and started swing dancing while Joshua Creek jammed away.

Saltmarsh was amazing on the guitar and the audience applauded and screams every time he finished any of his many solos. He had three guitars with him on stage, but my personal favorite was his red electric guitar that they call “Gretchen.”

The lead vocalist, Hinton, has a very soothing tone while he sings. It also has a slight vintage feel and he is sometimes compared to John Denver. Hinton hit every note and was amazing at bringing emotion to each song. I love going to a concert and feeling like there is more to the song than just simply words and notes. I almost shed a few tears (as I previously admitted) and went from feeling nostalgic to wanting to dance in a matter of minutes.

When at the concert, I had the opportunity to sit by their self-proclaimed ‘senior groupie’ Merlene. She was the best concert goer I have ever met. When we took our seats in the front row, she promptly leaned over to give us a high five. She brought bells, clapped and screamed after every song, and hollered “ENCORE” at the top of her lungs after their last song. After they’d completed her request (and that of the entire audience who gave them a standing ovation), they came forward and gave her double high fives before going to the lobby to greet their fans.

While I didn’t know much about Joshua Creek before going to their concert, they have sure made me and Adam big fans. Both my husband and I had a fantastic time and went through a wealth of emotions, in-chair dance moves, and cheers. If you see them coming in to concert near you, I wouldn’t hesitate to get tickets. If you don’t want to wait for them to come in concert, you can book them for your event on their website.

Covey Center for the Arts presents Joshua Creek
The Covey Center for the Arts, Main Hall 425 West Center Street Provo, Utah 84601
December 21, 2017 7:30 PM
Tickets: $15.00
Contact: 801-318-0734
Joshua Creek Facebook Page
Joshua Creek Christmas Facebook Event

3 Replies to “Joshua Creek at the Covey Center in Provo is a Lovely Tribute to the Holiday”

  1. Great review! I’m glad you enjoyed the concert. Our families love sharing our husbands and fathers with others, especially this time of year. And way to give Gretchen a shout out….. but she doesn’t really need any more attention. 😉

  2. My wife & I were guests of Merlene and Keith Thursday night.
    You’ve done a great job in your review of Joshua Creek. We both loved them.we’re scheduling time and looking for their next shows.
    I don’t usually enjoy concerts,my last was a James Taylor, I’m glad I was able to make this one. It was truly wonderful.

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