Find Some Christmas Music At A Concert Near You!

By Jennifer Mustoe and Hannah Seigfried

Every year, BYU Department of Arts has a Christmas Concert that sells out so quickly, tickets need to be purchased in October or sooner. There is a reason why these concerts sell out–they are the epitome of Christmas music. All the audition choirs sing, on their own and in several numbers with all choir members singing. When they all sing, the performers are onstage and also line the outer aisles on both levels of the auditorium. It’s surround sound, and it’s gorgeous.

After an intermission, the BYU Philharmonic plays, and the evening ends with all the choirs singing accompanied by the orchestra.

It is absolutely gorgeous. I found myself tearing up a few times, the feeling in the room was so special, so sweet.

I am making this review short, mostly because I want to encourage our readers to GO TO A CHRISTMAS CONCERT this season! Go onto Facebook and look at events near you. Or go to Now Playing Utah and click on Music and find something wonderful! It is a glorious way to celebrate the holiday, and many of the concerts are very family friendly.

I will be reviewing many of the BYU music performances because they provide such amazing quality at a reasonable price. But high schools and even junior highs often have amazing Christmas and spring and winter concerts, as well.

We at Front Row Reviewers Utah are excited to review more concerts and music productions. They add so much to our lives–we have such excellence in this state.

So, go find a concert this week! This weekend! Or you know what? Grab some of your singing peeps and go caroling. Dress warm, drink warm peppermint tea to keep your throat hydrated and soothed and make some Christmas music!

Hannah Seigfried and Caden Mustoe (Men’s Chorus) after the concert



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