Brigham’s Playhouse in St. George Presents She Loves Me and You’ll Love It!

By Joyce Plummer-Clements

 My husband and I attended the hilarious She Loves Me at Brigham’s Playhouse in St. George, Utah. She Loves Me is a similar story to the cinematic favorite, You’ve Got Mail. A man and woman fall in love while exchanging romantic letters. They wait through many seasons before meeting one another. When they do plan to meet, Georg Nowack (Dale Hoopes) is surprised to discover he already knows the woman and despises her. Though this plot is formulaic, just as with You’ve Got Mail and so many other rom-coms, the musical rendition of this story with She Loves Me is a comedy that will have audiences laughing out loud, just as my husband and I did.

Brigham’s Playhouse is a small venue, but a very intimate experience for the audience.  The show begins with beautiful faux rock backdrops and classy 1940’s costumes. The singing is joyful. Then the small stage magically transforms from a street into a meticulously decorated women’s fragrance store.

My husband and I were laughing all the way through as the characters portrayed genuine real-life people. Hoopes as Georg gives us an honest, down-to-earth character that works his way up in his job and has high expectations for his co-workers. Out of the blue, a lovely young woman, Amalia Balash (Jasmine Anderson), comes in to apply for a job. To his surprise she is hired, but her sleek pizazz as a saleswoman intimidates him and they begin a rocky relationship of menacing words. The store owner Mr. Maraczek (John Blasko) is relatable as the store’s owner who is understandably upset when he finds out one of his employees is having an affair with his wife. Mr. Maraczek’s ingenious assistant Arpad (Noah Gallagher), the store’s faithful busboy, energetically sings “Try Me” to show his duty as an employee. Gallagher’s unique quirky personality gave the audience the pick-up they needed in Act 2. Another hilarious moment in the show was when Ms. Balash is having an emotional meltdown and sings a song about ice cream. She has an incredible number of shoes in this comical scene and changes them throughout. George loves her by Act 2 and Nowack charms the audience with “She Loves Me”. We wanted this anticipated, twitter-pation. Donna Ritter (Emily Forsyth) has comical abilities that can make a baby giggle. Her funny faces and natural smolder make everyone hoot as she sings “Trip to the Library” where she finally meets a guy that is worthwhile. I loved the creative memory screens and artistic walls in which the set crew designed the library.

One thing I would change about this show is how the lead Ms. Balash was introduced in the beginning; my family and I were confused about who the leading lady was, so it took a minute to make sense of her whereabouts.

This show is appropriate for all ages, but it is three hours long and may be hard for anyone under the age of nine to stay interested in the plot.


Brigham’s Playhouse presents She Loves Me by Joe Masteroff, Sheldon Harnick, Jerry Bock
Brigham’s Playhouse 25 North 300 West, Washington, Utah 84780
October 5-November 11 7:00 PM and Saturdays 2:00 PM
Tickets: $17-23
Contact 435-251-8000
Brigham’s Playhouse Facebook Page

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