Month: April 2017

Wasatch Theatre Company’s Dinner is a Meal I’d Never Want to Eat From a Play I’ll Never Forget

By Jennifer Mustoe and Craig Mustoe I’ve been in a lot of plays and I’ve attended and often reviewed many, many more. There are some performances (like many movies) that I see and discuss a bit and then never think of again. Such is not the case for the current […]

Anything Goes at UVU is De-Lovely

By Larisa Hicken The UVU Department of Theatrical Arts for Stage and Screen’s performance of Anything Goes in the small Noorda Theater in Orem, Utah is delightful. Anything Goes is a classic Cole Porter masterpiece of silly romance and comedy that allows you to escape into the early 1930s on […]

SLAC’s Hand to God is Almighty Powerful

By Joel Applegate Hand to God (Nominated for five Tonys and Winner of the Obie) is more than just having fun tweaking a religious nose. American Christianity in its current form gains traction by saying there’s a “war on religion.” But it’s the opposite. For generations now – with antecedents […]