Month: July 2013

Utah Valley University and Sundance’s “Annie Get Your Gun” has Its Hits and Misses

By Briana Lindsay Annie Get Your Gun follows the adventures of real-life sharpshooter Annie Oakley (MacKenzie Skye Pederson) and her rise to fame with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, as well as the competition between herself and Frank Butler (Ben Henderson) for the title of “Champeen” Sharpshooter of the World. […]

Ancient Greek + Christian + Mormon = Zion Theatre Company’s Prometheus Unbound

A Utah theater review by Ben Christensen What do you get when you take ancient Greek mythology and retell it with Christian themes filtered through the lens of twenty-first century Mormonism? You get the Zion Theatre Company’s production of Mahonri Stewart’s Prometheus Unbound. Using the story of Prometheus as a […]

Lehi’s “Once Upon a Mattress” is a Fairytale of Fun

By Chelsea Benjamin  I recently had the opportunity to watch Once Upon a Mattress with my friend Brittany.  This wonderful little show was one we had both seen on different occasions and we were excited to see Lehi City Arts’ version of Once Upon A Mattress.  Walking into the Lehi […]

Salty Dinner Theater’s “Emperor’s New Clothes” Shines with Great Performers

By Jennifer Mustoe I asked my niece Kerisa to come see Salty Dinner Theater’s latest production, The Emperor’s New Clothes, which was at the University Mall’s The Old Spaghetti Factory. SDT always promises a fun time, and as Kerisa is one of my zaniest friends, I knew she’d enjoy herself. […]

Orem Hale’s “Guys and Dolls” is for Guys, Dolls, and Kids, too!

By Jennifer Mustoe Friday night, my friend Cynthia and I went to the Hale Center Theater Orem’s Guys and Dolls. My friend, who doesn’t see many shows, was just excited to be there. I, a little more seasoned, went with high hopes and many expectations. Neither of us was disappointed. […]

“The Box invites you to accept the hand that is reaching out”

By Briana Lindsay Before attending the opening night performance of Warboy Theatre Projects’ production of The Box, I was familiar with their previous work, such as Shackled and Tell-Tale Heart. Both of these productions were written by local playwrights and put together in short amounts of time.  These pieces were […]

The Egyptian’s Evita is Magnifico!

By Joel Applegate The art of the possible puts art and politics in bed together. That’s what’s so compelling about Evita, the 1978 musical that maybe some might think is past its time, but no; the marriage of politics and power is still as relevant as it ever was. For […]