Month: September 2012

In the Heights Reaches Great Heights!

A Utah Theater Review by Megan Pederson “Where people come people go Let me show all these people what I know There’s no place like home!” At the core of In the Heights currently playing at Pioneer Theater Company through the end of the week is heart, heritage and home. […]

Spanish Fork’s Roomers is Rumored to be Fun for the Whole Family

A Utah Theater Review by Rebecca Gunyan In September, Spanish Fork’s Harvest Moon Hurrah is the place to be. Starting the festivities this year is the two-year-old acting company, The Harvest Moon Hurrah Players, featuring a funny one-act play, Roomers. Last night I was able to see Roomers, a show […]

Find An Ideal Husband at Echo Theater in Provo

A Utah Theater Review by Larisa Hicken When I heard that An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde was playing at The Echo Theater in Provo, my first thought was, “Where’s the Echo Theater?” I figured out that The Echo Theater is a newer theatrical venue located at 145 North on […]

SCERA’s Little Shop of Horrors Captivates Audiences

A Utah Theater Review by B.J. Wright   As a reviewer, sometimes you go into a show with high expectations. SCERA Center for the Arts’ production of Little Shop of Horrors was one of those shows for me. I was running through all of my favorite songs from the show as I drove up […]

Utah Valley University’s Cato is a Visceral Experience

A Utah Theater Review by Larisa Hicken While the majority of my friends and neighbors gathered together Saturday night for the much anticipated “holy war” between University of Utah  and BYU football teams, my husband and I headed for neutral territory at Utah Valley University to see the play Cato, A […]

Midvale Main Street Theatre Invites You to Dream With Them (On a Midsummer’s Night)

A Utah Theater Review by Ben Christensen With temperatures dropping into the forties, summer is nearly over in Utah, but at Midvale Main Street Theatre midsummer is still going strong. I found the theater easily enough on Midvale Main Street (hence the name), which corresponds with Salt Lake’s 700 West. It’s […]

Centerpoint Legacy Theater’s Little Women has Heart

A Utah Theater Review by Megan Pederson Little Women is the story of four sisters struggling through life while dreaming, fighting, falling in love and crying. Centerpoint Legacy’s production of Little Women is charming and strong. If you come from a close family then there will be moments of this […]

In Springville You Can’t Take it With You, Unless “it” is Smiles and Laughs

A Utah Theater Review by B.J. Wright                 Monday evening I braved the storm outside, and made my way down the hill to Merit Academy where You Can’t Take it With You is currently being put on by the Springville Playhouse. I rushed from […]

I Get Shakespeare! You Should, Too!

A Utah Theater Review by Jennifer Mustoe, Caden Mustoe, and Tyrone Svedin  “Most people don’t realize how amazing Shakespeare can be. For most, he is words on a page of some dusty old textbook. Grassroots Shakespeare Company brings Shakespeare to life – amazing, hilarious life.” ~Caden Mustoe, age 16, Front […]

Covey Center’s Wait Until Dark Has Thrills and Chills

A Utah Theater Review by Jennifer Mustoe Last night, a friend of mine and I went to see the Covey Center for the Arts’ latest production, Wait Until Dark. As I walked into the lovely theater, it was filled with people eating donuts. I asked the woman serving the donuts […]