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Theatrical reviews of international performances.

Men Are from Marzipan is an Existential Science Fiction Murder Mystery

By Bryan Stubbles My travels have brought me to Daejeon, Korea. Compared to Salt Lake, Daejeon, with its 1.5 million people, is rather impressive.  Compared to Seoul, it can seem a bit wanting. Daejeon is the 5th largest city in South Korea. I heard there would be a performance of […]

Unfinished Words is Modern Korean Literature Dramatized Beautifully in Seoul, Korea

By Bryan Stubbles From September 27th to October 8th, Unfinished Words – an adaptation of a Korean short story – had a run at a small black box theatre in Daehangno, Seoul. First off, this is quite different than what one would normally see in Utah. The Daughter  (Seon Seung-su) […]