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Reviews for Shows in Utah County

Examining Our Sacred Duties in An Other Theater Company’s A Doll’s House in Provo

By Susannah Whitman An Other Theater Company’s production of A Doll’s House can best be summarized in the words of one of the actors on social media: “Christmas sweaters! Macaroons! Snowmen! The toxicity of the patriarchy in our modern, local society!” The venue may seem unusual, but the production is […]

Utah New Works Theatre Project’s New Works Ten Gets A Ten out of Ten

  By Joel Applegate From over 70 submissions by local playwrights, all Utah-based, The Utah New Works Theatre Projects has selected just 17 diamonds in the rough along with a few polished gems, writers, directors, and actors. The first seven plays are presented as staged readings, with a host of […]

BYU’sThe Mill on the Floss Slowly Explores Female Identity

By Whitney Sorenson In the playbill for BYU’s The Mill on the Floss in Provo, director Adam Houghton indicates that this staging “emphasizes emotional experience” over reality. To elicit that emotional experience, it uses techniques that make it an atypical adaptation, such as three actors all portraying the protagonist, often […]

BYU Student Theatre Association’s 24 Hour Theatre Project in Provo is an Experiment in Fun and Talent

By Jason and Alisha Hagey If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a group of college students are given a one-word prompt and a singular prop, then BYU’s Student Theatre Association’s fall 24 Hour Theatre Project is for you. This season the writers were given a word (webs) and a […]

Highland’s Arsenic and Old Lace Brings a Classic to Utah County

By Jennifer Mustoe Arsenic and Old Lace, the classic by Joseph Kesselring, comes to Highland and the laughs are many. Opening night had a full house, parents, grandparents, kids, and young adults. This is a show that appealed to all. The story is…”unusual.” The Brewster sisters, Abby (Kathy Castleton) and […]