Blithe Spirit, at the Covey, Will Make you Laugh and Jump


A Utah Theater Review by Jennifer Mustoe

Last night, a fellow Front Row Reviewers Utah reviewer, Larisa and I went to see Covey Center for the Art’s latest offering, Blithe Spirit, by Noel Coward, being performed in the marvelous Brinton Theater.

I love this space – it’s cozy yet elegant and I understand it’s been revamped lately. Well, it’s only gotten better.

On to the show. I regret to admit that Larisa and I arrived late. So I found firsthand our biggest issue with the show, so will state it here. The set design was unfortunate. The largest piece of furniture, a lovely pinkish period couch, much like one that was used in my recent An Ideal Husband’s set, (though Covey’s couch didn’t break – long story – I’ll blog about it someday) had its back to the entrance to the theater. Though it is remarkably gauche that a reviewer is late, and my sincere apologies to the Covey (it won’t happen again!), planning your set design is important on the off chance that a patron will be late and will need to sneak in and plop into the nearest chairs. Which Larisa and I did, and thus missed much of what happened in front of the couch. There was a table that was moved, and at one point, the maid, Edith, played winningly by Kat Webb, knelt down to clean something and she pretty much disappeared.

The rest of the set was great – a wonderful fireplace and mantel that becomes an important prop at the end of the play. (But no spoilers here!) The costumes, too, were amazing. Good job to Abby Clyde, who did double duty as the stage manager, too. Continue reading