Saratoga Springs is Alive with the Sound of Music

A Utah Theater Review by B.J. Wright

On the evening of Saturday, August 11 I had the pleasure of attending the Saratoga Springs Art Council’s production of The Sound of Music.  I was initially worried about the time it would take to travel all the way out to Saratoga Springs, but wanted to support this brand new addition to Utah community theater, so I made the trek. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Vista Heights Middle School, where the play is being held, is only a 10-minute drive west of the American Fork Main Street exit.  When you go to see this play remember that Vista Heights Middle School is the second school on Pony Express Drive, or you’ll end up at Westlake High School as I almost did.

The theater at Vista Heights is very nice. The seats are arranged at a fairly steep angle, helping to avoid the problem of that tall person sitting right in front of you. There is also plenty of leg room between the seats, which allowed me to comfortably view the play from my favorite spot, the middle of the auditorium. Continue reading